SSR-100 DD Solid State Module Solid-state Relay DC-DC 100A 3-32V DC/5-60V DC Elec-Mall


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Compatibility : Others
Model Number : SSR-100
State of Assembly : Almost Ready
Camera Equipped : Yes

Model: SSR-100 DD
Control Type: DC-DC
Current: 100A
Control Voltage: 3-32V DC
Off-state Voltage: ≤1.5V DC
Control Current: <25mA
Starting Current: ≤5mA
Working Indicator: LED
Operating Voltage: 5~60V DC
Isolation Voltage: ≥2500V AC
Resistive Load: ≥2-3 Times
Inductive Load: ≥5-7 Times
Cooling Condition: 10-30A With Radiator; 40-300A Add The Fan Strong Cold
Mounting Method: Bolts Fixed