Stainless Steel Door Exit Button Waterproof Metal Access Door Switch LED Indicator Light For NC/COM Contact


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: K13

1: stainless steel access control switch, with metal texture,
metal button, zipper treatment, good hand feeling,

2: NC/COM contact

3: Suitable for hollow door frames and buried electrical

Product material: stainless steel panel, metal button, zipper

Panel treatment: stainless steel panel, zipper treatment

Applicable humidity: 0~95% (relative humidity)

Applicable temperature: -10~+55°C (14-131F)

Applicable type: Suitable for hollow door frame and embedded
electrical box

Durable test: 500,000 aging tests passed

Contact output: NO\COM contact

Electrical performance: Maximum durability current [email protected]

Product size: length 91x width 28x thickness 20 (mm)