Strong Light 3LED Head Lamp 4 Modes For Outdoor Hunting And Fishing


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Overview and Specifications:

color: White
Weight: 42G
LED light: 100,000 hours
Waterproof (cannot be placed in water)
Power: 3 AAA batteries (excluding tax)

Graphite crucible mini gold furnace metal torch:

1 mini headlight (without battery)
1. Stylish portable design, only 45 grams, making it ideal for camping gear, running accessories, outdoor gear, fishing gear, bicycles, astronomy, architecture, dog walking and even children.
2. The headband can be tightened in the hands of helmets, hats, bicycles, dogs and everyone, from adults to children, without headlights loose or floating.
3. The perfect balance between size and power.
4.4 modes: strong white light / low white light / flash red light
5. Allows you to travel easily at night or on rainy days (not for diving)