Super Absorbent Car Wash Towel Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Multi-Purpose Thick Coral Fleece Drying Towels (30x60cm)


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Multifunctional Towel
Size : 30*60cm

Product Name: Double-sided upgrade thick cleaning towel

Material: Microfiber

Size: 30*60CM

Features: strong water absorption, not easy to shed, no fading, easy to clean.

Applicable: suitable for car, home and office use.

Main Features:

1. Strong water absorption – visible rapid absorption of water, from light dry cloth to full of moisture cleaning cloth, can absorb several times its own weight of water.

2. Strong detergency – can absorb several times its own weight of stains, only 1/10 of the fine fiber fineness of the silk, special cross section can effectively capture dust particles, can absorb 7 times its own weight of stains.

3. No hair removal, no fading, strong stretchability, curling, dense texture, and resistance to pulling.

4. Does not scratch your paintwork: Unlike other towels, this one is made with a super plush premium microfibre weave. Dry your car safely and softly without damaging your paintwork.