T50 10W IR850nm / 940nm Ultra-long Range Infrared Flashlight Zoom LED Night Vision Tactical Hunting Flashlight


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Lighting Distance : 100-200 m
Support Dimmer : Single file
Lumen : 600
Waterproof : Yes
Flashlight Type : Military, outdoor hunting, night vision
Model of LED Beads : Other
Zoom : Yes
Switch Mode : Strobe
Color : Black
Battery Type : 18650
Certification : CCC,CE
Body Material : Aluminum Alloy
Wattage : 10W
Light Source : Fluorescent
Focal Length : Adjustable
Charger : Not Applicable
Function : Shock Resistant,Self Defense
Model Number : T50

T50 zoom night vision light fill light:
Invisible infrared light: AE T50 is not an ordinary flashlight, white LED is used for general lighting purposes. This product uses 850nm-940nm infrared black LED illuminator to emit invisible high-power infrared light, and its optical power is greater than 5-10 watts. Please note: your eyes will not see any light (there is only a small dark red light on the LED to indicate that the flashlight is on).

Long-distance lighting: The flashlight uses imported German OSLON infrared black infrared LED, high efficiency, low thermal resistance, and optical power greater than 3 watts. Powerful impact with a focused beam of about 800 meters. With the latest chip technology, integrated lenses and excellent packaging, it is easy to achieve a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

Spherical lens: 50mm lens rotary focus function allows focusing or focusing backwards to produce a mirror effect, especially when illuminated at long distances. The T50 can be further illuminated with a focused beam of light compared to an illuminator without a focusing function.

Powered by 2×18650 battery or 2×26650 battery: When operating at 7.4-8.4V, please choose 18650 with a pointed tip, because there are many fake cores and unskilled batteries on the market. The output voltage of some 18650 virtual batteries is lower than 3.7V, which is not enough to power the IR flashlight.

Airframe and mode memory: The airframe is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Case diameter: 25.4mm. Suitable for any 25.4mm ring and mount. Net weight: 335g. Length: 230 mm, maximum 251 mm.

Note: AE T50 is not an ordinary flashlight, it is a flashlight without lighting. The infrared light emitted by the flashlight has a wavelength of 850nm-940nm, which is invisible to the naked eye. To use this infrared illuminator, you must use night vision equipment, such as a single night vision goggles, infrared camera, DIY night vision device and infrared stand.

Main Parameters:
Product material: aluminum alloy
LED: 850nm, 940nm infrared laser
Mode: 1 mode (100%)
Battery: 2 * 18650 battery, 2 * 26650 battery (not included)
Battery input voltage: 7.4-8.4V
Waterproof: IPX5 is usually used in rainy days.

Shell diameter: 25.4mm (for any 25.4mm ring or mount)