Titanium Alloy Buckle One Hook TC4 Key Chain Metal Buckle Outdoor Mountaineering Buckle Anti-Lost


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Overview and Specifications:

Name; titanium alloy TC4 one-piece spring anti-lost hook fastener multicolor optional
Material; 100% thick titanium alloy TC4 model
Technology: The overall line cutting molding.
The maximum load capacity: 25KG
Large size; about 7 * 2.6CM thickness 4mm
Net weight: 13 grams
Packing: OPP bag packaging
Small size: about 4 * 1.5CM thickness 4mm
Net weight: 5 grams
Packing: OPP bag packaging
Lightweight, easy to carry, titanium alloy TC4 unique high-strength corrosion-resistant characteristics.
Full CNC wire cutting production process, one spring design.
Up and down can be mounted, large capacity

When opened, fit any keyring, buckle, or anything you want to hang within 4mm below.
Above can be placed within 1CM width of any key ring, hanging buckle, or anything you want to hang.
Can be equipped with small gossip, gossip, or titanium key ring.
This link is just the price of titanium alloy buckle, does not include small gossip, gossip, or titanium key ring.

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