TK200A GSM GPS Tracker Locator Finder for Car Vehicle – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

This product is designed with lithium sulfur battery GPS / LBS hidden tracking device. The compact small design suitable for tracking and monitor vehicle and asset via monitoring system or mobile APP. Mainly using for vehicle rental, vehicle insurance,vehicle and asset tracking.
1)Standby 3 years
Disposable Lithium sulfur battery, yearly self-discharge <1%
Super low consumption design, standby current <2uA
Anti-static:IV class
3)Working mode
【Mode 1】:GPS close.GSM open,tracking by LBS at every 24 hours/3 times
【Mode 2】:GPS open.GSM open,tracking by GPS at every 24 hours/3 times
【Mode 3】:GPS open.GSM open,tracking by GPS at every 60s/1time, work for 30 hours. Note: only for urgent using.
4)Powerful magnet for easy installation.
Install recommend
If the windscreen glued by metal thermal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the GPS receive signal and lead to GPS work disorder

GSM band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Chip: Ublox7020
GPS sensitivity:  ≤-159dBm
GPS accuracy:  ≤10m
Size:  66mm x 52mm x 36mm
Battery:  3.6V/6000mAh
Working Temp: -30°C to +45°C
Set IP port:  adminip123456 6969
Set APN:  apn123456 aaa bbb ccc
Set working mode:  RTC123456 1
SMS tracking:  smslink123456
Check device status:  check123456
Working mode explaination:
SMS format: RTC123456(space)1 , device default LBS mode.
For example: SMS command: RTC123456 1
【Mode 1-LBS Mode】:every24hours wakeup 1 time to sendLBSdata for 3 minutes;
【Mode 2-GPS Mode】:every24hours wakeup 1 time to sendGPSdata for 3 minutes;
【Mode 3-Real time Mode】:every60secondstime interval to sendGPSdata to server.
Attention: Don't switch to Mode 3 randomly otherwise device will out of battery very soon.Only use Mode 3 for urgent real time tracking.

TK200ATesting Guidence
Before installing in vehicle, make sure all settings are ready to configure.
1)Device defaults 24 hours time interval LBS mode【Mode 1】
2)If need to switch to 24 hours time interval GPS mode【Mode 2】,steps as below:
3)Note: device only working last 3 minutes after power on, user need finish below SMS setting within 3 minutes; if failed, then re-start device power on again to try.
Insert SIM Card–>Power On Device–>Send Mode 2 SMS: RTC123456 2 RTC123456(Space)1–>Send IP SMS–>Send APN SMS–>Install
Send IP SMS: adminip123456 6969
Send APN SMS:apn123456 cmnet
Remark: If power on device at 09:00 am, then device will wakeup for 3 minutes at 09:00 am everyday.
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Web-based GPS tracking system is charged 3usd/pcs forever for website server: .Setting the IP: and Port: 6969
1.GPS tracking can be worked outdoor. 
2.Please make sure SIM card supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network.
3.Please make sure SIM card is with sufficient balance. 
4.Please make sure the SIM card has opened the call shows and turned off the call transfer. 
5.Please insert the GSM phone card correctly.
6.Do not assembly and disassembly device at will.