TL460S PLUS Universal Laptop and PC PCI PCI-E Mini PCI-E LPC Motherboard Diagnostic Test Analyzer Debug Cards


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Overview and Specifications:

Fit for desktop computer and laptop
An advanced computer motherboard CPU ram hardware diagnostic test card with motherboards stability test feature
An extra nice feature of quick test of the computer system stability
Great for onsite technicians, computer admin and home/office personal uses
Allows the users to test the hardware errors + testing the computer working stability in a matter of minute
This is an advanced PC device that is capable of testing the PC computers with different types of CPUs, including ALL series of previous and latest Intel / AMD / Cyrix CPUs
It can test the components of computer main board working or not and test the initialization of the system hardware, such as: System Chipset, CPU Initialization and Registration, HDD Controllers, System Cache, Extended Memory RAM, Keyboard/Mouse Controller, Sound and LAN Controller, Video Memory and Controller etc