TS-FT002 Ultrasonic Water Detector, Household Leak Sensor Device With Indoor Temp Display White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: TS-FT002 Product Type: Temperature Humidity Meters
Material: Plastic Thermometer Use: Other
Thermometer Type: Digital

● 12/24 hour time display
● Time alarm

● Indoor temperature
● Water tank temperature
● Detect water tank depth
● Water level diagram
● Record the maximum and minimum temperature/water level of the tank
● Water tank maximum and minimum alarm
● All alarm off / on option system
● Low water level alarm
● Transmitter low battery display
● Water tank update time is 30 seconds or 3 minutes

1. Measuring liquid depth
2. Level 10 depth indicator chart
3. Maximum/minimum record of liquid level depth
4. High and low level alarm of liquid level depth
5. Liquid level low alarm
6. Indoor temperature
7. Liquid ambient temperature
8. Alarm clock function
9. Can stand on the desktop or wall
Indoor temperature range: 0~60oC
Liquid ambient temperature range: -40~60oC

Temperature accuracy: ±1oC

Liquid depth range: 0 ~ 15m
Display accuracy: 0.01m
Measurement accuracy: +/-0.03M
Transmission frequency: 433MHZ
Launch range: 100 meters (300 feet) open distance
Transmitter frequency: 30s

When the liquid level changes, it will be sent once every 30 seconds. If the liquid level does not change, it will be sent once every 3 minutes.

Power consumption:
Receiver: 2XAA 1.5V LR3 alkaline battery
Transmitter: 6XAAA 1.5V LR6 alkaline or lithium battery
Battery life: Receiver for at least 12 months, transmitter for at least 12 months
Receiver: 10.8X9.4X2.7cm
Transmitter: 9.7X6.8X15.2cm
Display: 6.6X4.5cm