Ultra Soft Electric Warm Wrap Blanket Winter Shoulder Neck Electric Heated Shawl Secure USB Powered – 45x80cm


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Synthetic Fiber
Power : 50W & Under
Heat Preservation Duration : 6 Hours & Under
Application : One Seat
Specification : 45*80
Width : 45
Length : 80

* Made of high-quality plush material, soft and smooth, comfortable to the touch.
* Using power to generate far-infrared heating can warm the body, speed up blood circulation, and improve human immunity.
* Easy to use, as long as devices with USB ports, such as PCs, computers, mobile power, cars, etc.
* The blanket heats up quickly and takes 3 to 6 minutes to reach the rated temperature.
*Prevention and adjuvant treatment of various diseases caused by microcirculation disorders of the human body (such as colds, rheumatism, head and neck discomfort, etc.)


Size: 45x80cm
Color: brown, black
Voltage: USB / 5V
Power: 4W
Temperature: 36 ° C ~ 42 ° C