UMATE 1-Piece New Smart Fitness Abdominal Muscle EMS Trainer Gear Massager


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Overview and Specifications:

Item specifics
 Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
 Size: Medium
 Material: Composite Material
 Model Number: Umate-X1
 Application: Waist, Arms, Legs Abdominal

Product Description
Model no: Umate X1
Abdomen pad: 380L*190W*15Hmm
Arm pads: 200L*64W*2.2Hmm
Material: ABS+PC
Weight: 27g
EMS Technology
EMS is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.
Easy to attach and ready to operate at a single touch, comfortable and cordless EMS training.Training gear to wear.
More strongly, to the beautiful body. Pad to train the waist, arms, legs.
The gel-pad need to be replaced after a continuous use for over a month. so we suggest you order 1-2 set of Gel pad for backup.
Please note the Gel pads for replace only no Host device, the gel pads can not been using separately if no host device

★ Material – imported anti-allergy odorless harmless to the human body, there is no unpleasant taste
★ fat consumption – running 2000M, hunger strike 60 minutes, swimming 60 minutes, diet for 2 weeks. As long as you exercise about 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day.
★ Multiple Versions – Depending on the area of your body, you want to aim your legs or arms
Battery-powered: environmental protection and energy saving, charging 2 hours, medium-intensity use of about 8 hours
Fitness equipment: ABS + PC material, through the ROSH, UL certification, imported batteries, Japan protection board, the appearance of polygonal design, stylish type;
Hydrogel patch Fabric material: soft high-quality PU, environmentally friendly skin-friendly leather material, can be used continuously for 30-40 times;
Circuit: Silver net screen printing, the current conduction more uniform;
Gel: Japan imported gel, tasteless, non-allergic;
Training program: 20 minutes each time, 10 training mixed training mode, 20 strength free choice
Multi-site exercise at the same time: reduce fat, increase muscle, shaping get together;
Open your fitness space anytime, anywhere: Leisure, work, housework, professional training

In view of the training needs from different parts of the body,
perfect fit the body curve, focus your attention on the location of the need to exercise more.
It is not affected by time or place, no matter when and where you can follow one's inclinations of exercise.

Especially suitable for:
Sports lovers
Fitness Enthusiasts
Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming
Lose weight faster
Post-partum and more

1. Not suitable for the men whose body has Medical Device Aids, like heart pacemaker etc.
2. Epilepsy or seizures sufferer do not use it.
3. The person who just finished the surgical operation do not use it.
4. No using when driving, or operating the machine.
5. Be cautious when taken by pregnant women & Skin allergies.

How to use gel pad?
The specific method of using the gel pad please refer the manual P33-34.
Since the method of using the gel pad,will effect you to experience for oneself,the best way is refer the manual before using the item.