UNI-T UT3208/3216 Multi-channel Temperature Tester Contact Type 8G U Disk 4.3 Inch RS-232C/USB Device SCPI USB Host Interface


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Style : Standing Station
Display Size : 4.0 – 6.9 Inches
Power Type : Charger
Display Type : Digital
Max Measuring Temperature : 120°C & Above
Model Number : UT3208
Usage : Other
Theory : Other

1. The temperature test resolution is 0.1 degrees, and the upper and
lower limits can be distinguished and displayed.

2. Specify channel scan, and there are two scan speeds: fast and slow.

3. Support automatic and manual modes, automatic detection of burnout,
and cold junction compensation.

4. The display function is rich, with intuitive numerical reading, bar
graph and curve graph display mode.

5. File management is possible, and the current instrument settings
will not be lost when shutting down.

6. Standard configuration USB Host interface, 8G U disk, support USB U
disk storage.

7. Standard RS-232C, USB Device communication interface, support SCPI

8. The instrument is equipped with K-type thermocouple test wire as
standard, which can be extended to 2m and can measure the temperature range of

9. Special temperature upper and lower limit over-limit alarm, and
over-limit reading color change warning, can set the upper and lower limits of
each channel of temperature data.

10. It has a wide range of adaptability and supports K/N/E/J/T/R/S/B

Brand: UNI-T

Model: UT3208/UT3216       

Type: Thermocouple
Bimetal Thermometer


type: Universal type

diameter: 2mm       


Screen: 4.3
inch true color LCD display 

Communication Interface: RS-232C,
USB Device communication interface