Universal Festoon 2-3W 5630 SMD LED White Interior Reading Light Bulb Dome Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Base type: Festoon
3. SMD type:  5630 SMD,
5. Normal voltage: 12V DC

7. Size:31/36/39/41mm

2. Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant).
4. Long life. The theoretical data is more than 100, 000 hours.
6. Low Power Consumption, Saving energy and environment protection. The energy of LED is 1/10 of the traditional halogen lamp, it can better protect the electron circuit and save oil.
8. Eco-Label, Major Power Savings,
10. High ability of shock resistant, Brighter light, Low temperature.
12. Pure color with nice appearance.

1 x Festoon Bulb