Universal Heated Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Waterproof Warm 12V Motorbike Handlebar Grips


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Motobike Make : Universal

Main Features

Suitable for all 12V motorcycle.

With high/low temperature settings, that is 30 degree celsius and 50 to 60 degree celsius.
Waterproof and dustproof design, suitable to use outdoors.

[product name]: 12V second generation electric hand handle
[product model]: CS-054A1
[product net weight]: 75g
[product gross weight]: 81g
[product material]: PET metal heating film
[product size]: length: 11CM; width: 9cm
[Input voltage]: 12V
[product power]: 10W (power on one side) is 20W on both sides
[handle temperature]: low temperature: 30 degrees celsius; high temperature 50 to 60 degrees celsius
[Switch Type]: Ship type waterproof, waterproof, dust switch
[product accessories]: a pair of left and right handles, a pair of heat shrinkable sleeves; one waterproof insulating tape; one manual
[Applicable models]: 12V all motorcycle models

[Installation method]: [1]: Put the heater on the handlebar and adjust it to the appropriate position.
[2]: Fix the electric heating piece evenly on the handlebar with a piece of tape, especially at the wiring of the electric heating piece.
[3]: Put on the casing, adjust the position, use the hot air gun (can also use a lighter or a hair dryer) to blow the two creases of the outer casing in a longitudinally symmetrical manner until the contraction is uniform, and then evenly blow other parts until the coat Each part of the tube shrinks evenly and evenly
[four]: The switch is installed under the mirror of the rearview mirror
[Five]: Connect the power cord. The red and black wires are not divided into positive and negative poles, but must be connected to the electric door lock (where the key is inserted).