UP633 Manual 6-Digit Resettable Pull Stroke Counter, Mechanical Hand Tally Stroke Click Counting Machine Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: Type: 6-digit Counters
DIY Supplies: Electrical

1. This product is a kind of mechanically driven automatic
recalculation calculation, suitable for general machine tools. Counting
applications such as printing presses.

2. The counting range of this device is 0-999999.

3. The lever angle can be adjusted freely.

4. Each time you pull one beat, the automatic carry

5. Rotate the word axis in the direction, all the numbers are
zeroed back.

6. The pull-type counter is designed on the basis of the
appearance, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, oil resistance and
large counting range.

7. When using the lever, pull the foot and pull it too far.

8. The number of revolutions per revolution is one, and the
clockwise rotation is increment.

9. Rotate the handle once and the number is all "0". Do not
repeat 0 when turning