Upgraded Transmitter Warm Hand Glove Cover Shield Winter Outdoor Flying


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Overview and Specifications:

This Warm Glove completely can fit your hands and the transmitters well and completely block the cold air without affecting your operation. With this warm hood, you can enjoy amazing flight experience in cold weather.
It can fit your hands and the transmitter very well and completely block the cold air and wind.
Soft and warm fuzzy material inside, good touch feeling.
Clever and beautiful design, it's convenient to wear.
Suitable for a variety of transmitters.
Velcro designed sleeves for adjustable size.
Great for winter flying.
Note: The product is just the Warm glove (Not including transmitter).
Color: orange
Transparent window size: 20 * 18cm
Package weight: 147g
Package including:
1 x Warm Glove for Transmitter (Not including transmitter)