USB 3.0 To MSATA SSD Hard Disk Box Converter Adapter Enclosure External Case


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : MSATA
Size : 1.8″
Case Material : Aluminum
Internal Interface : Other
Package : Yes
External Interface : USB
Supporting Hard Drive Capacity : NONE


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The latest version of the chip is updated to the latest sata3 program: ASM1153E, with much better speed performance.


1. This product supports only solid state drives defined by the mSATA interface in mini pci-e. MSATA does not equal 1.8-inch MICRO SATA. It does not support the solid-state drive defined by the SATA MINI PCIE interface in the mini pci-e. Wrong will burn cards, all KING POWER brand of this shape SSD do not shoot, not the definition of this interface MSATA! Absolutely not supported!

2. Mini pci-e interface SSD has three pin definitions, one is called mSATA, more common in Lenovo and THINPAD machines, also can be called INTEL definition interface; the other is called SATA MINI PCI-E, and more Found in the Asus EPC and some Tablet PCs, also known as ASUS definition interface; there is a definition of PATA, its essence is the IDE interface, more common in machines such as Dell MINI 9. The definition of the three interfaces exactly the same, the naked eye can not tell, so be sure to distinguish your SSD definition of the interface!

Please Read Below Before Ording:

Do not place order if your SSD is the KING POWER brand. Only support MSATA interface.

In addition to the length of 5cm and 7cm, the mini pci-e is divided into three types, one is called mSATA, which is mostly used for Lenovo machines and IBM machines, and the other is called SATA mini pci-e, which is mostly used on ASUS EPC. There is also a kind of PATA MINI PCI-E, which is used for Dell mini9 and other machines. 

The appearance of the three interfaces is exactly the same, but the Pin definition is different. Please kindly noted that this product only supports 5cm long mSATA, SATA MINI PCI-E interface (same as the solid state used in the ASUS EPCS101 900 901A) and PATA interface are not supported.