USB 3.1 Type C To DisplayPort HD Converter Dual Side Plug And Play Type C To DP Adapter Cable Gold


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Type: Type C to DisplayPort Aadapte Weight: 0.5
Size: Model Number: Type C to DisplayPort Aadapte
Connector B: DP/Mini DP Connector A: Type-C
Plug Type: US Plug Amplifier: Yes
Package: Yes Bundle: Bundle 1
External Power Source: No Gender: Combined Type

1, for mobile phones, MAC BOOK notebooks, tablets

2, detailed parameters, 24pin connector, 12pin, 12pin. Positive
and negative

3, C-type interface socket end size is the same as the micro
usb specification, about 8.3mm * 2.5mm, can withstand 10,000 times of repeated
insertion and removal

4, large transmission speed up to 5GP / S is twice as fast as
3.0. Standard specification cable with C-TYPE connector can pass 3-5A

TYPE-C USB 3.1 to MINI DP Apple Macbook to Displayport HD cable


Apple notebook Macbook Air 12-inch USB3.1 to MINI DP cable

1. Input interface: adopts new USB3.1 Type-C interface

2. Data transfer rate can reach USB 3.1 10Gbps

3. Ultra-thin design, mini size

4. Aluminum alloy metal shell, stylish high-end design

5. Output interface: external HD MINI DP device such as:
monitor projector TV with HD device

(Note: devices that cannot be connected to lightning interface,
etc.), monitors that do not support thunderbolt interface, can be transferred to
other HDMI/VGA monitors via mini dp to HDMI/VGA.

Applied to Apple notebook Macbook Air 12-inch USB3.1 output
external HD mini DP device

Apple notebook Macbook Air 12-inch USB3.1 to MINI DP cable