USB 3.1 Type-C To VGA HD Converter Audio Video AV Adapter Cable Plug And Play Silver


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Type: Type-C to VGA Weight: 0.5
Size: Model Number: Type-C to VGA
Connector B: VGA Connector A: Type-C
Plug Type: US Plug Amplifier: No
Package: Yes Bundle: Bundle 1
External Power Source: No Gender: Combined Type

USB3.1 TYPE-C to VGA HD video converter uses pure hardware technology, no need to install any driver, intelligent identification of wire. Plug and play.

1. Suitable for mobile phones, MAC BOOK notebooks, tablets
2. Detailed parameters, 24pin connector, support dual side
3. The size of the C-type interface socket end is as small as the micro usb specification, which is about 8.3mm*2.5mm, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated insertion and removal.
4. The large transmission speed is up to 5GP/S, which is twice as fast as 3.0. Standard specification cable with C-TYPE connector can pass 3-5A current
5. The USB3.0 hub is an external one (requires a free USB 3.0 interface on the computer). Data transfer and power supply via USB3.0 data cable, quickly add four speed USB3.0 interfaces to your computer. Supports USB 3.0 disk drives, high-resolution cameras, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, and high-bandwidth peripherals such as multi-channel audio. USB3.0\'s transfer speed reaches 5.0Gb/s (actual speed 80MB/sec) and supports USB2.0 and USB1.1 down. It can be used with a wide range of USB devices and allows multiple USB 3.0 and traditional USB devices to operate simultaneously. The built-in current protection device can effectively protect the connected device and the Hub itself in case of sudden power-on, providing greater durability and reliability.

This USB3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter provides high throughput using the USB 3.1 bus and supports the high definition monitors with high resolution and high refresh rate. The USB3.1 Type-C Adapter allows you to connect your desktop PC or laptop\\'s USB port to an extra monitor or TV.

2.0 Features
l Standard USB3.1 Type-C
l Flexible USB Type-C Switching Support for USB 5G and DisplayPort 1.2 Alt mode
l Supports per lane data rates of 5.4 Gbps (HBR2), 2.7 Gbps (HBR) and 1.62 Gbps (RBR)
l Supports multiple color formats: RGB 6/8/10/12-bit per component (bpc) and YCbCr4:4:4,YCbCr4:2:2,8/10/12bpc
l Supports resolution up to 3840×2600 @60Hz (mirror mode) in DP1.1 (or 1.2) in SST mode.
l Supports resolutions as follows:
4Kx2K,@ 24Hz、25Hz、30Hz;
720P、480P、576i、480i,@50Hz and 60Hz

l Supports bus-powered and self-powered operation