USB DC Electronic Load High Power Discharge Resistance Resistor, Adjustable 4 Kind Current Battery Capacity Tester Green


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: Type: Electronic Device Battery Tester
DIY Supplies: Electrical

Baby use instructions:

It is convenient to test whether the output current of the
mobile power charging treasure, mobile phone charger, USB power supply, etc. is
up to standard, as long as the USB connection is above. And can do aging test on
mobile power and USB power adapter, the resistance will be hot when aging test
discharge, the temperature is about 80~85 °C, please pay attention to


When the loader is working, the winding resistance will
inevitably produce a very very high temperature due to the large current.
Therefore, in the short period of use and just after use, the human body should
not be exposed to the heat dissipation part of the golden metal. Being burned!
Also, do not allow flammable materials to come into contact with the tester to
avoid a fire! In general, be very vigilant during use!

Taking into account the special characteristics of the heating
resistor, the phenomenon of odor will occur after the initial use of the power
for a period of time, because the exterior paint is subjected to high
temperature baking to produce an odor phenomenon, and completely disappears
after a period of use. This phenomenon will inevitably occur. It is normal. You
don\'t have to worry about the load tester being damaged. Please feel free to use

K1=20Ohm/10W K2=10Ohm/10W K3=4.7Ohm/10W K4=2.2Ohm/10W

Support QC2.0(5V/9V/12V/20V), Compatible QC3.0(3.8~12V,+/-2 Step), Android

BC1.2(5V), Apple 5V voltage range and MTK-PE 5V/7V/9V/12V, etc. Fast charging pressure

A designed according to the principle of ohm\\'s law and through the resistor in parallel through a different switch, can produce 15 kinds of resistance of a new USB electronic load resistance discharge, when all the switch opens, is 2.2 ohm/10W, 4.7 ohm/10W, 10 ohm/10W, 20 ohm/10W 4 kinds of resistance in parallel at the same time, in 5V voltage almost can produce 4A discharge current.

The actual current size, please according to ohm\\'s law: I = U/R

Resistor in parallel calculation formula: R=1/(1/R1+1/R2+…+1/Rn)

K1=20Ohm/10W K2=10Ohm/10W K3=4.7Ohm/10W K4=2.2Ohm/10W