USB Mini Humidifier Cool Mist Portable Mute Ultrasonic Air Humidifier For Bedroom Baby Room Home Office Car


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Power (W) : Other
Voltage (V) : Other
Capacity : <1L
Humidification Method : Mist Discharge
Noise : <36db
Type : Ultrasonic Humidifier
Certification : CE
Installation : Mini
Water-shortage Power-off Protection : Yes
Timing Function : No
Classification : Humidification
Mist Outlet Quantity : One
Function : Negative Ion
Use : Household
Mist Output (gallon / day) :
Humidity Control : Mechanical
Power Type : USB
Application : <10㎡
Operation Method : Keyboard Type
Shape : Cartoon
Model Number : LJH-003
Humidifying Capacity : 200ml/h
Time to market : Aug-15


Product Name: Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Product Model: LJH-003

Net Weight: 155G

Product Function: automatic power-off after
3 hours

Power: 2W

Product Capacity: 80ML

Product Size: 8.0 * 7.5 * 9.5CM

Material: ABS, rubber oil

Spray Volume: 50MUh

Color: white, pink, blue


Nano Atomization: The air humidifier adopts
high molecular atomization technology to fully diffuse water molecules into the
air, effectively increase environmental humidity and moisten your skin,
preventing dry and chapped skin in dry seasons, relieving your stress and
fatigue and lifting your spirit.

Static Electricity Eliminating: The
humidifier produces atomized water molecule particles to eliminate static
electricity, reduce radiation on computer screen, and solve the problem of
dryness of eyes caused by long-term computer viewing.

Super Quiet: The USB humidifier adopts
ultrasonic technology, which provides you with super quiet humidifying
environment and will not interfere with your sleep or work.

Compact And Portable: The air humidifier is
compact and easy to carry, allowing you to moisturize your skin at any time
after work and in your spare time, making your life more comfortable.

Instructions For Use:

1. The product is powered by DC5V and can
be connected to the USB port of a computer or an adapter with 5V output.

2. For the first use of the product, you cannot
press the power switch until the cotton swab fully absorbs water.

3. Please use purified water or distilled
water to prevent impurities in the water from blocking the atomizing chip.

4. Open the lid and add purified water to
the water tank to a suitable position, not too high to avoid overflow.

5. The product will automatically stop
after 3 hours of operation. If you want it to operate again, please press the
switch again.

6. For a long time no use of the product,
please keep the water tank clean and remove the cotton swab to dry.


1. Disconnect the power supply before
opening the product cover or when not using the product;

2. Do not put the cover in water or wash it
under the faucet to avoid damaging electronic components.

3. Do not add perfume or essential oil.