USB To RS-485 RS 422 Anti Surge Converter Adapter Cable – White


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Overview and Specifications:

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Type : Cable Adapter
Model Number : USB to RS485/422
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With the rapid development of the PC industry, the USB interface is rapidly replacing the traditional low-speed interface, and currently in the industrial environment
More important devices still use RS-485/RS-422 as a physical interface, so many users use USB to
The RS-485/RS-422 converter is used to connect the PC to the RS-485/RS-422 device.

PL2303 chip has the characteristics of wide temperature, high speed and stable transmission. Our company uses this chip as industrial grade USB.
Transfer the main chip of 485/422, adopt the series of products of this scheme (hereinafter referred to as series products) to take power from USB, no need to apply electricity Source, compatible with USB1.0/1.1/2.0, RS-422, RS-485 standards, can convert USB signals and protocol frames into balanced differential
The RS-422 or RS-485 signal and UART protocol frame can realize the bridging of the star USB network to the RS-422/RS-485 network, which is equivalent to a bridge device. This series of products provides surge protection per line and 600W lightning protection. The dual lightning protection and surge protection technology of TVS and thermistor can effectively resist the lightning surge and the surge voltage generated on the line for various reasons and keep it very small.
The inter-electrode capacitance guarantees high-speed transmission of the RS-422/RS-485 interface. The converter has zero delay automatic transmission and reception conversion inside.

The unique I/O circuit automatically controls the data flow direction without any handshake signals (such as RTS, DTR, etc.), and no jumper settings.
Full-duplex (RS-422), half-duplex (RS-485) mode conversion, plug and play to ensure that it is suitable for all existing communication software
And interface hardware.

This series of interface converters provides reliable connectivity for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communications, point-to-multipoint per conversion
Allows connection of 32 RS-422 or RS-485 interface devices with data communication rates of 300-128000 bps with power indication
The lamp and data flow indicator can indicate fault conditions, and the supported communication methods are USB to RS-422 and USB to RS-485 conversion.

Product model with this solution:
Industrial grade USB to 485/422: 5-bit interface terminal or 6-bit interface terminal
Industrial grade USB to 485/422: compact 6-position terminal block
Industrial grade USB to 485/422: RJ-45 terminal block
Second, the networking mode of RS-485/RS-422
The RS-485/RS-422 terminals of this series of interface converters support the following four networking modes:
1. Point-to-point four-wire full-duplex (RS-422)
2, point to multi-point four-wire full-duplex (RS-422)
3, point-to-point two-wire half-duplex (RS-485)
4, point to multi-point two-wire half-duplex (RS-485)
When the converter is used as a full-duplex or half-duplex wiring, in order to prevent signal reflection and interference, it is necessary to connect to the terminal of the line.
Matching resistance (parameter 120 ohm 1/4W).