USB3.1 Type-C to VGA HDMI Type-C Female Charger PD Converter Adapter – Golden


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Overview and Specifications:

Type-C USB 3.1 to VGA 4Kx2K HDMI Type C Female Charger PD Converter Adapter for Macbook 2015 Macbook 12 Inch Laptop 

1. USB C to HDMI VGA Type C interface with aluminum chassis portable laptop MacBook 12 Google Chromebook Pixel accessory ideal for office conference home theater entertainment also connect computer to HDTV monitors projector with HDMI VGA interface and support 10m HDMI cable for HDMI output. 
2. Multiple ports design with 1 USB C Cable 1 USB C Receptacle Charging in 1 HDMI 1 VGA HDMI resolution up to 3840 into 2160at 30Hz VGA resolution up to 1920 into 1200 at 60Hz. 
3. USB C Power Adapter is compatible with Macbook 12 power adapter Recharge laptop Plug and Play without driver. 
4. HDMI: 4K 2K 30Hz 3160 into 2480 down compatible 1080P 1080I 720P Backward compatible with 1080P 1080I 720P 4K high definition experience more realistic beauty. 

Color: Gold, Silver 
Material: Aluminium alloy 
The Cable: Approx. 10cm 
Input/Output Connection: 
1 x USB-C male port 
1 x USB-C female port(Charging) 
1 x HDMI output 
1 x VGA output 
Input/Output Resolution: 
3840×2160 @30Hz; 1920×1080 @60Hz; 
1600×900  @60Hz; 1360×768  @60Hz; 
1280×960  @60Hz; 1280×720  @60Hz; 
1024×768  @60Hz; 800×600   @60Hz; 
720×480   @60Hz; 640×480   @60Hz; 
1920×1080 @60Hz; 1600×900 @60Hz; 
1280×1024 @60Hz; 1280×960 @60Hz; 
1280×720  @60Hz; 1024×768 @60Hz; 
800×600   @60Hz; 
It doesn't apply to smart phone, only for macbook Laptop.