UV Air Purifier car Deodorizer Formaldehyde remover Sterilization Filter UVC Disinfection anions releaser Clean Room


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Function : Sterilize
Type : Germicidal UV Lamp
Power Source : Vehicle Power Supply
Voltage (V) : 12V
Model Number : HUV-05
Anion Density : 15000000pcs/m³
Application area : <10㎡
Certification : CE

5 layers filter include Melt-blown fabric+Active Carbon+UVC Disinfection+10million Anion Purifing +Excellent Handheld experience

Connect power to device, Long press Power switch button for 2 seconds, the device fan goes high-speed spinning and start air purifying function;
Short press power switch button, the device fan goes low-speed spinning; and long press switch button 2S again, The device will stop running and enters the standby mode.

>> 100% authentic, good quality
>> It can effectively eliminate peculiar smell, filter dust, UVC Light sterilizer and germicidal, absorb TVOC gas, and improve the air quality in car;
>> It can effectively kill a variety of bacterial viruses and coronavirus by turning on the ultraviolet UVC light, and the killing efficiency can reach up to 99.99%
>> Can effectively release up to 10million of anions
>> The effective purification effect of PM2.5 can reach 99.83%
>> The effective indoor formaldehyde removal rate can reach 91.3%
>> The effective removal rate of air pollutants can reach 76.3%