UV Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella With Black Coating Three-folding Sunny And Rainy Umbrellas Black Green


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: Panel Material: Black Coating
Size: One Size Function: Folding
Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella
Control: Non-automatic Umbrella Age Group: Adults
Material: Other

1. Modern and simple style, simple but not simple, to simplify and simplify, simple and elegant. Compact and light, easy to store, reinforcement and scientific strong wind resistance, rain and rain, true black plastic coating technology, anti-mite light and water-proof penetration, using composite black plastic UV blocking rate of up to 99%. High-tech waterproof coating treatment, such as lotus leaf, has strong water repellency and is easy to dry. 5.5 Lengthened Phnom Penh Scrub Handle, comfortable to hold in hand, non-slip is not handy. The flower-shaped reflective umbrella cap is beautiful in appearance and does not seep water for a long time.

2. Umbrella cloth material: high density impact cloth black rubber coating Umbrella frame material: black lacquer stainless steel bone

3. Rain and rain folding umbrella

Expanded size: 98*56CM

Length after folding: 28CM

Weight: 320G

Approximate value, subject to physical measurements