V7 Car Speed Radar Detector 12V Vehicle Mobile Speedometer – English Version


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Flow Velocity
Alarm Distance : 800m
Interface : USB2.0
Special Features : Led Display
OSD Language : English
Style : Hiden
Detection Mode : Radar Signal Detection


Project Type: Vehicle Speed Radar
Voltage: 12V
Model Name:
Radar detector
· Slim, elegant, all-in-one car laser detector
· Other independent installation and use
Easy to install interlock
Compatible with any navigation clip
Compatible with any navigation (rechargeable only, no communication)
Compatible with most solutions
Two versions: English / Russian

X-band 10.525 GHz ± 100 MHz 1500-2500M
K-Band 1200-2500M at 24.150 GHz ± 175 MHz
K-250.1200m at ± 175MHz at 24.125 GHz
KA-800 1500M at ± 1300MHz at 34.700 GHz
KA-Band 33.400 GHz ± 1300MHz 200-600M
VG-2 11.150GHz ± 175MHz
Wireless duplex transmission frequency 2.4GHz ± 410MHZ
Power 12V
Current 150-300MA
Working temperature -25 ° C
High temperature-100 ℃

Package list:
1 radar detector unit
1 car charger
1 non-slip mat
1 × Manual