Vacuum Compressed Bag Space Saving Storage Bags Clothes Pillow Travel Organizer (1PC)


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : PET+PE
Article Number : 6-10

1. Keep your clothes and bedding in good condition by storing your items in our anti-mildew, anti-mold, and moistureproof storage bags.
2. Reduces the volume of items with good compression effect for the ultimate space saving solution.
3. Can be used for clothing, bedding, household goods, etc.
4. This vacuum compressed storage bag can store your bulky or out of season items and maximize space in your home or on the go. 

Material: PET + PE
Color: Transparent 
Product Packaging: Opp Bag 
Vacuum Bag Size: 60*50cm, 80*60cm, 100*70cm, 110*80cm (optional)
Quantity: 1pc
Weight: 65g, 86g, 114g, 141g
60*50cm: Can fit 6-8 sweaters
80*60cm: Can fit 10-15 pieces of thin sweaters or two pillows
100*70cm: Can fit a 1.8 * 2 meter quilt (about 3 kg)
110*80cm : Can fit a 2.2 * 3 meter quilt (about 4 kg)