Vertical Stand Cooling Fan For PS4 Slim Pro, Cooler Fan With Gaming Controller Dual Charging Station Dock


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Overview and Specifications:


* Versatile: PS4 dual charging station for Playstation 4
DualShock 4 controller with dual USB HUB charger port. Dual cooling and charging

* PS4 dual cooling fans keep your Playstation 4 cool and calm
with vertical cooling brackets. Don’t worry about your ps4 overheating and being
too hot because of playing games for a long time.

* Dual charging stations not only protect your Playstation 4
from overheating, but you can also use the dual charging station to
simultaneously charge your controller using the built-in USB port.

* Use this stand-up bracket while saving a lot of space for
your ps4 cooling, HUB and 1 USB port with powerful data transmission and
charging output

* This vertical stand is designed to fit into the PS4’s design,
making it stylish and stylish. It looks cool, not only because of its cooling
function, but also because of its unique design. Thanks to its unique design,
its fan keeps the system cool and looks cool.

*This stand is designed for PS4 and PS4 Slim consoles

– Wind speed: 3000RPN

– Wind power: 230MA

– Rated input voltage: 500MA

– Input current: DC5V