VHP-202s Rechargeable Hearing Aids Kit USB Headphone Deafness Medical Ear Sound Machine Random Color


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : VHP-202s

1: Digital IC chip, long-term standby, smaller size, longer standby, loss current from traditional 4-8mA to 1.2mA

2: Pass 3C/UL certification, quality assurance

3: Simple operation, one-button switch, the ear of the elderly, the hearing loss is usually high or low, it is recommended to adjust to the corresponding gear, the effect is better, the high-pitched gear, suitable for noisy environment, low-pitched gear, suitable for general environment

4; clear sound, intelligent noise reduction, digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve speech intelligibility, restore natural sounds, lower noise, less distortion

5; small and exquisite, light and portable, weighing only 8g, easy to carry around with you, go out and communicate unimpeded

6; medical grade silicone ear hook, medical grade TPE environmental protection material, comfortable to wear, soft touch, ergonomic design, material resistant to fatigue and durability, repeated stretching 100,000 times without deformation

7; durable, thrown from the height of 1.5 meters and thrown can be used normally

Product model: VHP-202S

Product Name: Wireless Behind Hearing Aid

Applicable people: for hearing impaired people to compensate for hearing