Vintage Handmade Brass Survival Whistle Keychain Pendant Outdoor EDC Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

[Name] Manual EDC brass whistle
[Material] Brass
[Size] (Length) 41.5mm x (diameter) 10mm x (wall thickness) 1mm
[Packing] Extra thick PP bag disposable plastic seal
[Accessories] Copper rings
[weight] about 25g
[Features] The overall use of high-quality brass to build (including copper ring), a new design, fashion, small, full of materials, exquisite workmanship. The advanced pickling process after polishing can effectively protect the wand body from scratches and oxidation resistance.

[Material characteristics] The fun of brass is its color changing process due to oxidation. Different colors have different visual aesthetics. After oxidation, sandpaper polishing or toothpaste cleaning can be used to return the bronze color to its original, new state.
[Scope of Application] Outdoor survival, self-defense lifesaving, EDC player collection, etc.