Waterpulse V300 Oral Irrigator With 5PCS Tips, Electric Dental Water Flosser 800ML Oral Hygiene Cleaner Waterpick


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : V300
Material : ABS+PC
Size : 16.5X13.0X21.9cm


V300 Water Flosser powers away plaque and debris between teeth and below the gumline. 10 water pressure settings let you customize gentle-to-deep cleansing. 5 unique tips clean in specialized ways, while a spacious 800ml reservoir reduces the need for refills.


Material: ABS
Size: 16.3 x 12.5 x 21.2cm
Plug: EU (Blue) / US (Green) / UK (Red)
Voltage: 100-240V
Frequency: 20-60HZ
Input Power: 12W
Hydraulic Pressure: 20-120PSI
Mode: 10 level pressure setting
Tank Capacity: 800ml

Q & A:

Q: What is the benefit of using Waterpulse oral irrigator?
A: Waterpulse oral irrigator will uses pressure and pulsation to massage your gum tissue, remove food, and break up plaque. And you will have fresher breath, pink healthier gum tissue after becoming a daily Water Flosser user.

Q: Does it have any whitening efficiency?
A: Using a Waterpulse Water Flosser is one of the easy and natural ways to keep your teeth sparkly white! Water Flossing cleans off excess plaque that can make your teeth white, without causing tooth sensitivity as whitening treatments sometimes do. 

Q: How many times per day should I use my Water Floseer?
A: To maintain good oral health, we recommends that you floss at least once per day and brush your teeth at least twice per day. And remember water flosser is not a substitute for a toothbrush, using toothbrush together with water flosser will get better effect.