Wireless DC One Drag One Electronic Door Bell Caller for the Elderly


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Easy to install without wiring

2. Long distance, open space up to 70-110M

3. High-frequency vibrating body, strong penetrating

4.32 music ringtones are optional

5. When the music is ringing, flash the LED light at the same

6. A variety of styles to choose from.

Product Name: Crystal Vibrating Flash Doorbell

Product specifications:

Receiver: 2 7-cell batteries

Transmitter: 1 12V23A battery (supplied)

Frequency: 315Hz

Usage: After installing the battery, pull the receiver switch
to the selected sound (double arrow) position (change the ring tone every time
you press the shot, if you want to fix a certain music, pull the switch to the
fixed position (music symbol) Can be fixed