Wireless DC One Drag Two Electronic Doorbell Senile Caller


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Overview and Specifications:


1. Easy to install without wiring

2. Crystal doorbell: The remote control distance is up to 100M,
the crystal doorbell is close, and similar products are used at close range.
Crosstalk may occur. Please try to avoid using on the same floor

3. Digital doorbell: The remote control distance is up to 100M,
and the same digital doorbell is used in one range, and it will not interfere
with each other! Using wireless high-frequency transmission technology,
innovative co-frequency code and dialing function, the bit error rate is only
one in 200,000, effectively avoiding the troubles caused by mutual interference
and false alarms between neighbors.

4. DC and AC: The direction and current of the DC current are
the same, while the current direction and current of the AC change with time.
The household is AC, the battery is DC, the doorbell transmitter is equipped
with 12V23A small battery, and the receiver is divided into batteries. And plug
in two models. Please select according to your needs.

5.32 music ringtones can be selected to ring the light flashing
prompts, to the hearing of the elderly and hearing impaired people know that the
doorbell is ringing.

Transmitter: 23A 12V, battery available for one year
(calculated by 20 times / 1 day)

Receiver: 2*1.5V (2 AA batteries) requires the buyer to

Usage: After installing the battery, if you want to select the
ringtone, please press the tone button on the receiving button, and press one
tone each time.

Installation and use:

Transmitter (button): Distribute a small battery of 12V23A. To
install the battery, use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry open the back cover.
Comes with a double-sided adhesive that can be glued directly to the security
door. The rear cover has a screw hole that can be fixed to the wall.