Wireless Remote Control Electronic Doorbell Light Touch Key Multi-Ring Flashing Light To Remind The Elderly One Tow Two 503(DC)


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Overview and Specifications:

The bell lights flicker to indicate that the doorbell is ringing for older people and people with hearing disabilities.
Model no. : one tow two 503 (DC)
Emitter size: 4*18* 7.3cm
Receiver size: 6.2*3* 9.7cm (one size)
Packing size: 16.2*3.5*21CM
Gross weight: 178 g
Net weight: 141 g
Packaging: blister packaging
Transmitter: 23A 12V, (containing small battery)
Receiver: 2 x 1.5v (4 x 5 batteries) for buyer
1. Lines grace,light touch button,can bring you a sence of vision enjoy from lines and coiors.
2. Simple,vivid and no-wire installation design avoid troubies and save money when in installation and don’t effect decorate environment.
3. Remote control range up to 100meters in open air,suitable for homes and high floor houses.
4. Build in anti-interference design,avoid the interference between users.
5. Build in double speakers,make sound clear,especially suitable for homes,offices,factories,hotels ,etc.
6. 32 music ringtones are optional

Usage: after the battery is installed, if you want to select the ring tone, please press the selected sound button on the reception and change the ring tone every time.
Installation and use:
Transmitter (button) : deliver a small 12V23A battery. The battery needs to be installed with a screwdriver to pry off the back cover.It is equipped with double-sided adhesive, which can be directly attached to the security door.Screw holes are reserved for the back cover, which can be fixed on the wall.