Xiaomi Youpin 24Pcs Clean-n-Fresh Sewer Cleaner, Dissolve Pipe Stains Dredging Pipeline Bacteriostasis And Deodorization


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Shape : Solid
Feature : Eco-Friendly
Model Number : Clean-n-Fresh


1: Just plug in the sewer, it can effectively decompose grease, sediment and other stains and acheive deodorization
2: Effective for simple dredging pipes, effective antibacterial and odor elimination
3. Basically use only one per month
4. Ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium percarbonate, protease

Instructions for use:

1. Take a cleaning rod out of the package and insert it into the drain until it is completely invisible;

2. The cleaning stick will dissolve slowly and automatically, and continue to play a role in cleaning the pipes and descaling and deodorizing;

3. The use of cleaning rods can maintain a healthy and clean pipeline environment throughout the year to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Packing: Color card, 12 pcs / card, a box with 2 cards and 24 pcs