Xiaomi Youpin Bcase Creative Milk Box Humidifier Mini Silent USB Mist Sprayer Humidifier For Air Purifying


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Power (W) : Other
Voltage (V) : Other
Capacity : <1L
Humidification Method : Mist Discharge
Noise : <36db
Type : Ultrasonic Humidifier
Certification : CE
Installation : Mini
Water-shortage Power-off Protection : Yes
Timing Function : Yes
Classification : Humidification
Mist Outlet Quantity : One
Function : Negative Ion
Use : USB
Humidity Control : Mechanical
Power Type : USB
Application : <10㎡
Operation Method : Keyboard Type
Model Number : Bcase
Humidifying Capacity : ≥250ml/h
Time to market : Aug-15

Kindly Noted: It is Xiaomi ecological chain products, there is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it. Thanks for your understanding!

– Sophisticated And Practical
The bottom area of the MILK BOX humidifier is less than 0.07m3. It can be placed on the corner of the tabletop with a right-angled shape. It is very space-saving and easy to move.

– Two Options: Direct Injection / Intermittent Spray
The carefully calculated capacity and atomization amount meets the humidification demand of small space, and provides two-stage humidification mode of direct injection/intermittent spray.
Direct spray mode quickly increases the humidity of the air in a small environment and relieves dryness in a timely manner.
Intermittent mode sprays mist every 3 seconds to continuously supply moisture and maintain constant air humidity.

– Ultrasonic Atomization
The ultrasonic atomizing device is used to rapidly diffuse water into the air. The diameter of the atomized particles is less than 15um, and the humidification will not leave traces.

– Silent Humidification Design
The intelligent power-off protection function works continuously in the direct-injection mode for 4 hours, and the intermittent mode automatically cuts off after 6 hours of continuous operation, which prolongs the use time of the product and brings safety protection.
No more than 30 decibels during operation, it will not disturb daily life

– Convenient Adding Water
Designed for dry and wet separation, the lid can be easily removed, and the water adding process is separated from the sink. Large sink opening for added water, no need to worry about water droplets flowing out and splashing.


Brand Bcase ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
Model MILK BOx
Material Plastic
Color White / Pink
Weight 115g
Size 75 x 75 x 115 mm