YouOKLight 7W Dimmable Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Charging Port, Adjustable Table Lamp for Office, Bedroom or Dorm


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Overview and Specifications:

Delight Your Life!
Adhering to minimalist design, Desk Lamp has a built-in touch dimmer with user friendly visible LED indicator, wireless charge station and USB port, as well as an adjustable lighting head.

Keep Up with the Trend of Wireless Charging Technology
It is an elegant and modern bedside desk lamp integrated with handy wireless phone charging base. Just put the phone down before sleep and it's fully charged next day morning. Compatible with iPhone 8/X, Samsung Galaxy Note8/S8+, and Other Qi-Enabled Phones.

Touch Sensor Dimmable Surface Illumination
Soft and no glare light maximum protect your eyes. It can help you work or study more efficiently and comfortably. When you use it at dorm room for reading or office for work, you can direct the light onto where you need. A great study light for teen boys and practical gift for office colleagues or college students.

Visible LED Light at Dark
Visible Glow Indicator: A blue indicator light will glow at power button position when lamp is turning off. It’s quite useful to get it turn on at night. The wireless charging pad also has a tiny spot red light that makes it easy to find in the dark for charging your phone.

USB Charging Port & Wireless Charger – Equipped with wireless charger, just place your Wireless Charging ENABLED DEVICE (e.g smartphone) on the WIRELESS CHARGING AREA at the base of the lamp and you’re ready to go.The USB port on the back of the office light can directly connect the USB cable to the smart phone or the charging device.

Flexible Arm: 210 Degree foldable head, 90 Degree swing arm compact design offers flexible positioning on different angles.

Setting Memory: Memory function restores latest brightness and color temperature setting. It’s convenient and useful. 

Sensitive Touch Control – The metal office light has a slide touch-sensitive switch panel on the base that allows the worker to adjust the brightness to any one of 5 brightness levels and the mode to any one of 3 color temperature. All operations including power on / off and brightness up / down, are all done button-free on the touch-sensitive panel.

Technical Specifications:
Note: Please remove all metal or magnetic objects from the back of your phone prior to wireless charging, as these may overheat and damage your phone.