Youpin Sata Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors Stainless Steel Shears Daily Cutter For Vegetables Meats Corrosion Protection


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Woodworking
Material : Stainless Steel
Application : Other
Model Number : /
Common Type : Kitchen Scissors
Special Type : Other
Blade Material : Aluminium Alloy
Handle Material : Plastic
Foldable : No
is_customized : Yes
Shape : Standard

Multifunctional kitchen scissors, specializing in all kinds of “hard bones”
High-quality stainless steel | non-slip teeth | multi-function | effortless

1.For precise cutting most kinds of food, bones, meat, butterflying poultry, chicken, scraping fish scales, opening bottles, cracking hard shell & nuts, cutting fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. You may use it for outside tasks like pruning rose bushes, trimming limbs of trees, cutting cardboard, paper, and hard plastic. Staying true to its mission of staying focused and performing well on existing functions.

2.Kitchen shears are made from premium, heavy duty, durable high grade stainless steel, that is a rust and corrosion resistance & ensuring they are going to last longer.

3.Size fitting and soft-grip handles don’t slide when your hands are wet. It is safe than using a knife on slippery chicken. Multi-function designed to replace regular scissors, kitchen knifes, and nut crackers. Its very effortless operation makes your life easier.


Material:Stainless Steel