YT-338 Multi-Functional Bicycle Waterproof 25 Function Touch Screen Bike Wireless Speed Meter


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Overview and Specifications:

Wireless trigger automatic wake-up function;
New design, full intelligent technology. Every time riding is finished, the code table wakes up and wakes up, and it is the state before riding. According to its own preferences, there is no need to adjust frequently.
The table shows bright white light at night. The brightness is high, the light source is average and the light is soft. It has a widespread influence in the professional fleet, and the cost performance is higher.
A vehicle /B car data selection, you can also set up two wheels, two sets of data;
Double line four window display, easy to view data without frequent adjustment buttons.
Adopt high capacity lithium manganese battery, a battery is equivalent to 4.3 capacity of ordinary battery.
Touch key waterproof design, the use of body electrostatic induction chip, sensitivity before the factory has been sophisticated debugging, too sensitive will cause misoperation, especially in rainy days.

> cycling bike icon display, speeding reminder function, the faster the speed, the faster the wheels turn.
It is easy to install and convenient to set up, and the separation design of the head can be detached and carried at any time.
The head can be rotated to facilitate the installation of a cross / vertical handle.