Zero Delay Arcade Game Machine DIY Parts for Raspberry Pi 3B/ 2B/ B+


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Overview and Specifications:

        Wanna build your own Arcade Game Machine? Check out this DIY Kit for Arcade MAME JAMMA Game Project. The encoder board works perfect on Windows system without any drivers. It is 100% Zero Delay.Each Encoder has its own USB Cable so that it does not affect another player.If you need to build a multiplayer Arcade Machine, just purchase a few more sets.
        The Zero delay is the most cost effective encoder available. All you need is to connect your arcade controls to the board with the included wires, plug the encoder into your computer and enjoy arcade controls for gaming such as MAME, PC gaming and console emulation.

Tips for New User:
1. The item need work with MAME emulator.So before your build your own project.Please download one to work with the parts!
2. If you use this kit to build your own Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects.Please search the steps before your DIY.