ZHAOYAO A4 PVC Cutting Mat, DIY Self Healing Fabric Leather Paper Craft Cutting Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

A1-600mm*900(thick 3mm)
A2-450mm*600mm(thick 3mm)
A3 – 300mm*450mm (thick 3mm)
A4 – 220mm*300mm (thick 3mm)
A5-21mm*150mm(thick 3mm)

The cutting characteristics of pad is the biggest knife will automatically heal, no matter how deep cut, just don't take the whole rubber layer above all down, a few days will return.
Moreover, this thing is really very protective blade, 1 blades can be top 4, 5 of the time oh.
Material: PVC, special matte eye green processing, good quality, self recovery is good, leaving no trace after cutting, repeated cutting is not affected, not reflective, non slip, blade durability is high, positive and negative can be used
Features: cutting board for professional, use a raw material through 5 special processing production, than the general domestic cutting board service life is three times
Application: all kinds of writing, drawing work, craft paper, film cutting tools, the best model version, can also be used as a desktop and mouse pad