ZHAOYAO Car Meal Table Folding Multi-Layer Bracket, Dining Drink Tray Holder – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

High-quality ABS plastic, durable. Can be installed in the car seat back, easy to install, easy to use, easy to disassemble. Products powerful, can place lunch, drinks, snacks, cell phones, books, etc., bearing a good, strong and secure.
This backrest fixed tray, especially recommended to all the owners friends, this product is backrest fixed tray, multi-layer three-dimensional design, both the size of the space distribution, placing the item type is clear, very intimate design can put each Types of drinks shelves and hook-shaped trash bag rack, there will be no messy feeling, very useful interior products
【Product Name】: car back dining plate
【Product color】: black
【Product Size】: 340 * 200 * 30mm
【Product Material】: ABS
【Suitable models】: Universal type
1 design is reasonable, powerful
3 easy to install, easy to disassemble.
4 high-quality materials, fine workmanship, excellent quality.
Please save the spare parts and nuts of this product. (Fixed belt)
Prohibition of hand up, limited load, the maximum 3kg, the proposed 2.5kg the following