ZHAOYAO DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Power Supply Module Voltage Current LCD Liquid Crystal Displays 5-23V With Acrylic Case


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Highlights:
1, beautiful acrylic shell.
2, the display uses STN LCD screen, can display voltage and current at the same time, blue background white, wide angle any angle is very clear, spike display uses digital tube similar products, ordinary digital tube will be bad for a period of time, this product does not exist problem.
3, the first button to adjust the voltage, the left is the voltage reduction, the right is the voltage, single press fine adjustment 0.04V voltage, long press 1S do not put can quickly adjust the voltage, can withstand 100,000 times of compression; compared to similar potentiometers pressure adjustment is more convenient Fast.
Module performance and features:
●With terminal block, it can be used without soldering iron
● Input voltage: 5~23V, up to 23V, it is recommended to use within 20V, input anti-reverse. (The input voltage must be higher than the output voltage by 1V or more)
●The adjustable output voltage range is continuously adjustable from 0V to 16.5V, and the last set voltage is automatically saved.
● Peak current 3A, it is recommended to use within 2A. The accuracy is 1%, the minimum display is 0.01, the unit is A, and the heat is more than 2A. Please solve the heat dissipation problem by yourself.
●High conversion efficiency, up to 95% (efficiency related to input, output voltage, current, voltage difference)
● Load regulation S (I) ≤ 0.8%, voltage adjustment rate S (u) ≤ 0.8%