ZHAOYAO Mini Universal Drilling (18.5mm) Type HD Car Reversing Rear View Video Camera


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Overview and Specifications:

Product parameter:
1. photosensitive chip: 7440 chip, need 3089 or better chip, please contact customer service
2. video system default NTSC system, can also be changed to P system. If required, please explain.
4. photosensitive area 4.08mm x 3.12mm
5. definition: 480TV lines 6. minimum illumination 0.01Lux
7. scale: optional [still] with the default hair scale
8. video output 1.0vp-p, 75Ohm
9., power consumption 1W
10., white balance automatically,
11. SNR is greater than 48dB
12. electronic shutter (N) 160-1100000 (P) 150-1100000
13. working voltage DC 12V (actual chip voltage is 3.3V)
14, work temperature -20, to, +80, RH95% Max waterproof treatment, 100% waterproof (water gun against Chong are nothing, never fog)
15. horizontal diagonal 140 degrees [actual viewing angle is 120 degrees]
16. low illumination professional video processing technology