ZHAOYAO Original Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Daily Use Screwdriver Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits AL Box Xiaomi Smart Home Set


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Overview and Specifications:

Product description

Original Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Daily Use Portable Screwdriver Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits Screw Driver Smart Home Set
Main Features:
*Rice and Germany high-end tool brand wiha side by side to build
Wiha, the German tool industry in the high-end brands, with nearly eight decades of high-quality tool manufacturing experience.
*Aluminum alloy storage box
High-precision one molding process
Rounded edge of the arc, comfortable grip
Surface sandblasting anode treatment, anti-corrosion anti-corrosion
*24 wiha precision batch head
High precision bite
Double rust treatment
Hard and not brittle, tough and not soft
*Aluminum handle
Anodic oxidation treatment
Special anti-skid handling
Rotary cap design
*Meet most of the daily needs
Xiaomi mijia wiha repair screwdriver 24 high-precision batch head, a total of 9 species for quartz watches, Cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other conventional small household appliances to meet the needs of most daily repair.

Material:imported S2 steelcase
Function:DIY repairing of phone, camera, bike,glasses,etc
Applicable people: adult
Dimensions: 168mm * 67mm * 17mm
Product weight: about 300g
Product color: gray
Batch steel: imported S2 steel
Handle material: aluminum alloy
Shell material: aluminum alloy
Opening and closing mode: press the opening and closing
24 Bits Model:PH000,PH00,PH0,PH1,PH2,T2,T3,T4,SL1.5,SL2.0,SL3.0,SL4.0,TR5,TR6,TR8,TR10.TR15.P2,P5,H1.5,H2.0,U2.6,Y3,Y2.3.

Package Content:
1 x Mijia Wiha Screwdriver Set