ZHAOYAO PCB Ruler PCB Multi-purpose Engineering Ruler PCB Package Unit Engineering Ruler 15CM Immersion Gold Process


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Overview and Specifications:

If you solder surface mount components for the first time, you might be surprised: "How small these patch devices are!" They also have many different names! QFN, TDFN, SOIC, SOP, J-Lead, what do these things mean, and how can you tell them how big? Now you can have a board that you can use as a reference. This is a handy, stylish PCB reference ruler. Measuring approximately 25.4mm x 152.4mm, this standard thickness is FR4, and the gold-plated ruler is engraved with the most common component packages often encountered. It also has a font size description, a trace width chart, and a set of American Wire Gauge (AWG) drill sizes so you can measure the thickness of your traces at work.
Size: 25.4mmx 152.4mm
Weight: 12g
Black gold plated
Various IC packages are engraved on the ruler
Range: 15cm and 6 inch
Various component packages
This ruler can measure the length of an object like an ordinary ruler, but the biggest advantage of this PCB ruler is that it can help you when you need to query the component package most.