ZHAOYAO Premium Telescopic Water Spray Gun Hose for Car Washing, Garden


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Overview and Specifications:

7-in-one multi-function nozzle magical high-pressure telescopic hose car wash water gun, watering, cleaning of choice, television shopping hot products.
Automatic pressurization of water pipes, not winding, do not tie knot, the winter does not harden, the pressure of the water can wash the car washes very clean.
Multi-functional nozzle can easily solve the car wash watering window troubles
Easy to use, turn on the faucet, immediately automatic pressure, variable length,
Gently press the water gun, super-pressure water farthest range of more than 8m. After the water is discharged, the water pipe is automatically retracted. Magic magic can not believe it! ! !
High window cleaning, the car easier! Do not tangle not knot, light weight, easy to take easy to accept, save money, exercise both.
Light pipe diameter of about 2cm, test pressure 6.8Kg / cm2
【Name】: Magic Hose telescopic hose car wash water gun suit
【Brand】: R-2351
【Color】: green
【Size】: 5 meters (water injection can be increased to about 3 times the length) 15ft to 50ft (5 meters can be changed 15 meters)
【Material】: High-quality boutique copper head + zinc alloy gun body + copper bolt + steel handle + bronze gun tail
Net Weight: 650g
【Gross weight】: 720g
【Set of components】: 7 in 1 water gun head 1; with a joint braided pipe 1; universal connection 1;
【Package】: 1 set / with hanging card box
【Into the box into the number】: 36pcs / ctn
【Suitable models】: Universal type
1, cleaning cars, motorcycles;
2, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, aisles, windows, floors;
3, the family balcony potted water, dust. Or shower your pet.
1 without electricity
2 small size, light weight, storage super easy
3. Spray gun has 7 kinds of spray conversion design
4. Easy to operate, the tap opens into 3 times the length of the faucet immediately after the closure of the original retracted length
5. Water pipes made of special materials for the United States, anti-sun, anti-twisting, easy to damage super durable
1. After connecting the faucet, please do not open the faucet is large, there is a slight pressure to open the water to extend the life of the faucet.
2. Do not use sharp objects to contact the outer skin of the plastic hose to prevent damage to the hose.
3. After each use, please put all the water left in the tube, then roll up, dry, you can extend the hose life