ZHAOYAO Red LED Light Car Fog Lamp (2 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

【Fog lamp color】 white red blue
【Product Material】 ABS + LED + metal base
[Installation method] 1, then the small light line, that is, the product light when light on the light; 2, then the fog light line, that is, open the fog light products lit; 3, then the engine line, that hit the fire lights lit.
Product parameters:
1, voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC.
2, features: good sealing performance; anti-dust; anti-collision; splash-proof wet; can be hung: safe and reliable.
3, high brightness: 10000-12000MCD.
4, energy saving: 12V5W equivalent to 40W tungsten lamp brightness.
5, safety: 12V safety voltage, double insulation, rain on the human body without injury.
6, longevity: light source life of 5-10 million hours.
7, the use of methods: two positive, one negative
   Early daytime running lights are mostly used halogen bulbs, although the power consumption is small, but as technology advances, and now the depot designed daytime running lights are mostly more high-brightness LED configuration can significantly reduce the power of up to 35% But also increase the battery life, and the most long life up to 8000 hours, almost equivalent to the service life of vehicles.
From the point of view of the surrounding environment, specialized daytime running lights improve visibility while making the vehicle more visible. This technology, developed for daylight use, is more direct and effective than existing lighting fixtures. According to previous studies, vehicles equipped with daytime running lights, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can detect and recognize motor vehicles earlier and better. In darkness, if the driver turns on the traffic light, the day light will automatically turn off
Multi-purpose multipurpose car auxiliary lights, the night attracted countless envy. Open at night, reflect the location of the body to ensure that the intersection of double car more secure, rainy days open, with better penetration!
Aurora auxiliary light meaning:
   Now with the emergence of a wide range of models, auxiliary lights also have a variety of styles. A wide range of lights, LED lights is a new concept of light, originally called "daytime running lights" in Europe and the United States. Because originally in Europe and the United States even during the day must also drive a car headlights, however, 55W headlights regardless of day and night continued lit, both for bulbs or batteries are a big burden. Therefore developed this section LED lights. This is a way to make each other aware of the car and reduce the number of traffic accidents.
   In short, LED lights shine. However, please note that the LED lamp is different from the auxiliary lamp mentioned above and it is not a lamp for lighting purposes. The auxiliary driving lamp, as the name implies, is in the proper position of the vehicle without changing the original lighting system of the vehicle, Such as Qianwei, bumpers, roof and other places to install a group or groups of auxiliary driving lights to meet the higher lighting safety requirements, and the needs of car owners.
   Aurora Auxiliary lights – connected to the traffic light line, the night is a beautiful landscape, absolutely cool!
For the car daytime running lights, many consumers will think its main function is decoration, but in fact, this configuration will also play a significant role in driving safety. It can provide the vehicle is recognized, according to statistics, turn on the daytime running lights, can reduce 12.4% of vehicle accidents, but also can reduce the probability of death of 26.45% car accident.