ZHAOYAO Servos Digital MG996R MG996 Servo Metal Gear for Futaba JR Car RC Model Helicopter Boat For Arduino UNO DIY


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Overview and Specifications:

1. High torque metal simulation servo MG996R standard servo x 1
Size: 40.8*20*38mm
Weight: 55g
Speed: [email protected]/60°
[email protected]/60°
Torque: [email protected]
[email protected]
Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
No-load working current: 120mA
Blocking working current: 1450mA
Response pulse width time: ≤5usec
Angle deviation: 0 degree error in return, 45° error ≤ 3° on both sides.
Gear: 5-stage metal gear set
Cable length: 300mm
Interface specifications: JR/FP universal.
The steering gear has three line definitions:
Dark gray: GND
Red: VCC 4.8-7.2V
Orange line: pulse input
360 degree servo can not control the angle only supports 360 degrees an angle