ZHAOYAO Waterproof 365mm, 395mm UV Yellow White Four Lights LED Flashlight, Identification Jade USB Rechargeable Torch


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Amber Authenticity
2. RMB counterfeit identification
3. High-end security monitoring tobacco
4.Banknote identification stamp collection
5. Monitoring a fluorescent substance comprising jade
6. Product clean room monitoring
7. A variety of instruments, trademarks, documents, fluorescent printing ink industry
8. White light:  White light irradiate object penetration strong,  for watching pure white jade porcelain goods.
9. Yellow light: yellow characteristics close to natural light, non-reflective irradiation, conducive to observe


1.Flashlight four kinds of light sources:  White ,Yellow , Purple 365mm  ,  Purple 395mm
2.This flashlight is dual source mode.   Switch Press 2 seconds to switch the lights
3.Built-in lithium battery, can be directly charged
4.Material: Aluminum
6.Lumens: 300 lumens output (Max)
7.LED Bulb Type:4 LED Light-365nm UV LED 395nm UV LED -White LED-Yellow Warm LED
8.Battery Type:Built-in lithium 3.7v battery 1800mAh
9.Running time: 2-3 hours
10.Charging time: 3-4 hours